English Grammar Courses

Handwriting text writing Grammar. Conceptual photo whole system structure language syntax and morphology Elements of this image furnished by NASABusiness English Grammar Courses


  • Brush up your knowledge with specific courses.

  • Improve your own level along Cambridge guidelines.

  • Choose your own topic and see results within a week.




Since the foundation of a language is its grammar, a propper understanding of the basic rules makes your communication fluent and natural. A brush-up on certain elements will instantly improve your perfomance in both writing and speaking. The beauty of it is that you are able to apply it directly to your daily work. No more wondering what tense to use or how to form the correct sentence.

Every course starts at a B1 level to cover the basics and ends at a C2 level for optimum performance. You will learn everything there is to know on this topic.



-Business Basics (basic tenses)
-Business Future (future tenses)
-Business Possibilities (modal verbs)
-Business Doubles (plurals and more)
-Business Add-ons (tags and adjectives)
-Business Competition (comparatives)
-Business Precision (phrasal verbs)
-Business Objects (passive)


- Daily emails
- Each course is arranged per topic
- Plan and do the exercises when it suits you
- Homework is done within 10 minutes
- Each course takes 5 working days, so weekends off
- All work is based on Cambridge grammar material
- You have secure access to answers
- Certification of participation is sent at the end.

Costs: € 97,-  incl. VAT per week.



Starting time is always on a Monday.



BECAUSE your trainer...
...has more than 23 years of teaching experience
...has trained thousands of logistic professionals
...has successfully taught Cambridge courses for over 14 years
...is very familiar with international communication
...wants you to be leading through English
...has own teaching facilities
...is certified by CRKBO
...talks and breathes quality
...has lived abroad in several English speaking countries
...has travelled extensively and personally experienced a lot of cultures.





The VIP trips to the UK will be running again once the boarders have properly opened - stay tuned.


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