Coach English Cambridge

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Coach English Cambridge

  • Improve your English in all four skills in record time OR on times that suit your busy schedule.

  • Work towards an internationally recognised English language level with or without doing an exam.

  • See your own English language improvements every week and notice your confidence grow.




In International Supply Chain Management, TIME is the rarest commodity and 'busy' is often an understatement. You know that with an increased level of your English, you will stand a bigger chance in making a career move, work more internationally or doing better business. But when? With your personal coach you are flexible to plan the training sessions and homework when it suits you.

Is work low and you could spend approx. 9 hours a week on language learning? Then the three-month fast track is right up your street. We connect twice a week, you do your bit at home and when we meet every other week (when you live in The Netherlands), we'll dot your i's and cross your t's. This way your are ready in no time.


You want to grow further internationally and would like to put your achievements on your CV. At the same time, you know in the back of your mind that - if you are not held accountable - your good intentions wither away under time pressure and you will not achieve the desired results. You want to work towards clear goals and receive proof of your improved level. You like the practical, no-nonsense, to the point, result-driven and directly applicable approach.


Either you embark on the fast track or we determine your objectives together and set out a programme. Your efforts will normally involve a combination of online and offline work, geared towards your level enhancement. Applicability to your daily work is what makes it really stick.


- Weekly targets with visible results
- Flexible hours and frequency
- Tests to measure starting level and end performance
- Optional: Cambridge official exam

You will learn:

- grammar structures to make correct long sentences with the right emphasis.
- specific vocabulary in over 24 topics
- new and useful phrasal verbs (verbs + prepositions)
- sayings and expressions to always be able to use the ones you use in your mother tongue.
- collocations, ie. words that belong together
- to express yourself formally and informally by means of the right word choices
- how to write impressive letters, essays, reports, articles and reviews
- International contexts and sensitivities
- how to pronounce words correctly and minimise influence from your native language.



BECAUSE your coach ...

  • has more than 23 years of teaching experience
  • has trained thousands of logistic professionals
  • is very familiar with AND likes the Supply Chain
  • talks and breathes quality
  • is certified by CRKBO
  • has own teaching facilities
  • wants you to be leading through English
  • has lived abroad in different English speaking countries
  • has travelled extensively and personally experienced a lot of cultures

Feel free to contact me for a quotation suited to your wishes, or send a direct email to


PS: The V.I.P. trip to the UK will start again as soon as crossing borders can be done smoothly and effortlessly.

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