English Coach Business

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English coach business

  • Reach your personal English language objectives in the shortest possible time at YOUR time.

  • Insecurities are taken away and your confidence will grow instantly.

  • See your own improvements every week and notice how others respond.



In International Supply Chain Management, TIME is the rarest commodity and 'busy' is often an understatement. Although not set as a KPI by the company, you know your English needs tweaking, but when? Flexible and short assignments will always fit in your day somewhere.


You know in the back of your mind that if you are not held accountable, your good intentions wither away under time pressure and you will not achieve the desired results. You like the practical, no-nonsense, to the point, result-driven and directly applicable approach. At the same time, you know that a lot of overseas countries think and operate differently, which causes problems at times.


This is where an English coach comes in handy, so you only focus on those parts that you want to improve. Together we determine your objectives and set out a programme. Your efforts will normally involve a combination of online and offline work, geared towards a noticeable, increased performance.

- Weekly targets with visible results
- As many times a month as you see fit to work together on something in depth
- Flexible hours
- Optional tests to measure starting level and/or end performance



BECAUSE your coach ...

  • has more than 22 years of teaching experience
  • has trained thousands of logistic professionals
  • is very familiar with AND likes the Supply Chain
  • wants you to be leading through English
  • has own teaching facilities
  • is certified by CRKBO
  • talks and breathes quality
  • has lived abroad in a few English speaking countries
  • has travelled extensively and personally experienced a lot of cultures
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