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Business English Vocab Courses

Business English vocabularyBusiness English Vocab Courses


  • Learn new words per topic and up your level.

  • Zoom in on your favourite topics and become a proficient user.

  • Always results within one week.


In international business it is mainly a matter of finding the right words to express yourself properly when you are speaking or writing. Most of you would like to know more synonyms and the more formal words. Have a look at these one week courses if you quickly want to upgrade your vocabulary.

Enjoying the quick uptake? Then it is easy to take the next step to a higher level.


- Half an hour class per day
- Half an hour homework per day doing exercises
- Just five working days per course
- Cambridge professional teaching material
- Professional and secure teaching platform
- Certification option after each course


Two levels:

B2+ (upper-intermediate) = daily communication level within international companies
C1+ (advanced) = for managers who deal with international clients all the time

Each level deals with the same subjects and you can choose from the following topics:

  1. Business Business Talk (business, jobs, money, politics, success/failure)
  2. Business Social Talk (weather, travel/accomm, family, sport, food/dining)
  3. Business Office Talk (office, colleagues, education, HR, problems at work)
  4. Business Global Talk (nationalities, socialising, international politics, endangered world)
  5. Business Personal Talk (emotions, personalities, relationships, appearances)

Costs: €248,- incl.VAT per week per person. Ask for group rates.

For company groups only.


Should you be interested in specialised topics such as marketing, sales, finance etc. contact us.


Feel free to contact us for any type of question, or send a direct email to


When the boarders open again properly, you will hear more about the one week language trip to the UK.  Learn English while doing!



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