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in the International Supply Chain?



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"Oh, what's that word again...?"


Are you also still looking for words every time you talk English?

 Do you find yourself not being understood by everyone in the organisation?

 Are you still at a loss when you have to deal with long sentences?

 Do you - and others - know your accent is really "not English"?

 Do you secretly spend far too much time writing emails?



E for Excellence



Join the club: I've seen it, heard it, trained it

(and I've been there - long time ago ;) )



  • The frustration - because you know the words, but can't think of them when
        you need them.
  • The irritation - because you know how to say things, but on paper your text
        makes no sense.
  • The insecurity - because you believe others are so much better than you
        when they speak.
  • The confusion - because you know your presentation was clear, but quite a
        few people didn't understand it.
  • The embarrassment - because you mispronounce a word so badly, the other
        person doesn't know what you mean.
  • The silence - because you really have no clue what to say next.


No to worry, the solution is often simple but depends on your starting level.

Find out here what this level is - with a real Cambridge test!

Then you know what training to look for. 




The result

WHAT's in it for you?

E-for-Excellence coaching and training fills in the gaps of your speaking and writing at your level, while at the same time increases your cultural awareness, which is what makes you truly stand out in interpersonal relationships.

You will achieve a higher personal performance because you:

  • Know what to say in different situations
  • Speak fluently and faultlessly
  • Show more confidence
  • Understand a wider range of topics
  • Can use different levels of formality
  • Able to perform at all four skills
  • Work faster and more efficiently
  • Contribute to a better team spirit
  • Connect at a personal level

You will thus:

  • Improve business development
  • Create opportunities for further growth.


Curious? See next or 

The reason


Whether you are negotiating, presenting, emailing, networking, socialising with your team or having meetings, talking with confidence and being understood by all is key. This will make others look at you as the expert and that will create more business - automatically!

But do you realise that knowing how to express yourself properly allows you to really connect on an emotional level? And - believe it or not - it is what makes-or-breaks the international business relationship.

Why? Because you are able to create the trust factor!


When you want to become this manager, we'd love to hear from you:


The training

HOW to achieve all this?

We know first-hand that you don't have a lot of time, that is why we have several quick result options- at your level: you choose!


An English coach is your best option when you are not sure what to choose and like the personal touch.

Super ambitious? The Cambridge Certificate Training is something for you. Looks great on your CV!


Still not sure?  

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit.


marian schutte 1548



"Good English opens doors!"


An open door, I know. And I think you do too.


It has made me wonder, though, why so many managers then settle for less.

English is the second easiest language in the world (Paris, 2009), which actually means no one has an excuse for getting it wrong. With a few handy-to-know rules you avoid the biggest bloopers, with some fixed word combinations you always strike the right chord, and with a couple of pronunciation adjustments you sound so much more English. It doesn't have to take years before you see improvement!

With over 22 years of English teaching experience -of which 15 spent amongst young Logistic professionals- I understand what your job demands of you. I have also seen the immens effect good English has on job prospects and career moves, which is why I love to help you achieve your goals.

Call me and find out in only 15 minutes how you can improve straightaway:





If good English improves careers and business development, how come it is not a KPI?

Just consider it, you might find a small pot of gold (I speak from a lot of experience here).

Have a look below under " Because research" and see how many figures
you can save the company. You'll be excited to see how many and how easy it is!




The research

BECAUSE research has shown that……


  • A worldwide survey on 'English at Work' made it clear where the gaps are. Read the findings here.

  • Poor communication in general wastes time and productivity - just imagine what it does when your language skills are below par. A UK study.

  • Small Talk - more important than you think. Read why.

  • First impressions: your outer appearance (clothes and posture) gives the other information in a split second and is then confirmed or contradicted when you start talking. See what psychologists say here.

  • With 100 years of experience, Cambridge University looked into how long it takes an adult to improve one level in English. Read report here.


I noticed that my English level had remained the same in recent years, and due to more international work it was time to invest in my English skills. Right at that moment, I met Elske from E-for-Excellence. It was such a pleasure working with her. As a gifted language coach she was always looking for my specific points to improve. Her interactive teaching ánd online courses bettered my fluency, my writing, my listening and my confidence. I loved the timetable flexibility, even on weekends, and, most of all, her dedication and patience.

I wholeheartedly recommend E-for-Excellence when you would like to advance yourself in the international market.

PaulvB Paul van Beckum
Head of Marketing & Communications, Alex van Groningen
Oct 2019


As a Procurement Manager in a large international corporation, I owe a large portion of my early career successes to my proficient level of Cambridge English which I apply daily during supplier negotiations or for the sake of internal stakeholder management. It enables me to communicate effectively and with confidence at all hierarchical levels. 
These successes root in Elske's Cambrige English classes which she lectured during my studies in International Logistics Management. Her classes were fun and challenging at the same time and she never missed an opportunity to put what she taught into a wider business context. It was Elske who relentlessly pushed me to higher levels and out of my comfort zone that was called "school English". At the end of her course I easily passed the Cambridge English exam and obtained my Certificate which would become a door opener. Ever since, my journey has taken me to a Master's degree at a renowned University in the UK and international secondments in three different countries for my employer. 
I can highly recommend being trained by Elske and wish her all the best for the future!
Raoul Raoul
Aerostructure Commodity Leader at Airbus
Oct 2020


The one-on-one pronunciation training given by Elske was very interactive, which made it a great learning experience! It really helped me to communicate my message clearer in both business related and private conversations.

Sophie van Loon

Sophie van Loon
Site engineer, XPO Logistics

October 2019


I am still taking advantage of your excellent English classes! You conveyed your passion for this language really well! The confidence and access to a large vocabulary in business English provide the edge in business reviews and negotiations time and again.
Vincent H
Vincent Hinssen
Logisitic manager, Amgen
Feb 2018


The training to improve my English language skills - given by Elske van der Wal - belongs to one of my most effective learning experience in recent years. Elske is a teacher at heart, very competent and aware that teaching is a social activity.



Dongen, 22 July 2019
John Schellekens
Founder I-kwadraat



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