You will receive 20 hours of private tuition and on completion of this module you will have tackled all the basic grammar problems and are also able to use more advanced structures so as to write and talk at a more formal level. The effect is immediate as you automatically apply the newly acquired knowledge to work. As these are private sessions, we will zoom in on your pressing questions which makes your improvement even more prominent and you will see your confidence increase rapidly.

This module comprises 5 blocks of 4 hours and you are expected to put in an additional 4 hours per week. A grammar book is included for future reference and, on completion, you will receive a certificate to state your level of grammar knowledge.

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To perform at C1 level you know how to avoid the basic mistakes in the tenses which ups your level automatically. With the additional sentence structures and connecting strategies you will add formality to your targeted working level which is known as business English. The next step is to incorporate the C1 vocabulary to complete the picture.

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The one-on-one pronunciation training given by Elske was very interactive, which made it a great learning experience! It really helped me to communicate my message clearer in both business related and private conversations.

Sophie van Loon

Sophie van Loon
Site engineer, XPO Logistics

October 2019


I am still taking advantage of your excellent English classes! You conveyed your passion for this language really well! The confidence and access to a large vocabulary in business English provide the edge in business reviews and negotiations time and again.
Vincent Hinssen
Logisitic manager, Amgen
Feb 2018


The training to improve my English language skills - given by Elske van der Wal - belongs to one of my most effective learning experience in recent years. Elske is a teacher at heart, very competent and aware that teaching is a social activity.



Dongen, 22 July 2019
John Schellekens
Founder I-kwadraat



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Elske van der Wal


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